Rick Owens Shoe Size Chart: How To Style Rick Owens?

Are you tired of scrolling through endless online shoe stores to find out your size isn’t available? Well, look no further! In this article, we will dive into the world of Rick Owens shoe size chart. From chunky sneakers to avant-garde boots, Rick Owens has become a staple in the fashion industry. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just discovering his unique aesthetic, understanding how to style these statement shoes is essential. So, let’s get started and unlock the secrets to mastering Rick Owens’ footwear!

Men’s Rick Owens Shoe Size Chart

Rick Owens’s shoe size chart includes measurements in both US and Euro sizes, allowing customers from different regions to find their ideal fit easily. While it may be tempting to stick with your usual size, it’s important to note that Rick Owens shoes tend to run slightly more extensively. This means that if you wear a US 10, you may find that a size 9 fits better in this brand. It’s always advisable to refer to the specific measurements on the chart before purchasing.

Rick Owens Shoe Size Chart

Rick Owens Women’s Shoe Size Chart

One unique aspect of the Rick Owens Women’s Shoe Size Chart is its inclusivity. The brand recognizes that women come in all shapes and sizes, so their size chart goes beyond standard measurements. It offers a wide range of sizes, accommodating those with narrower or wider feet. This inclusive approach highlights Rick Owens’s commitment to embracing diversity and ensuring that every woman feels represented when choosing footwear.

Rick Owens Shoe Size Chart

How Do Rick Owens’s Shoes Fit? 

Many of his designs incorporate unconventional silhouettes and materials, which can impact how the shoes fit on the foot. For example, certain styles, like the Geobasket, have an extended tongue that may require adjustment. The leather used in Rick Owens footwear also tends to be quite supple and moulds to your feet over time, providing a more customized fit with regular wear. It is recommended to go up at least half a size or even a full size when purchasing these styles, especially if you have wider feet or prefer a more relaxed fit.

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How Do You Style Your Rick Owens Shoes?

Pair your Rick Owens sneakers with black skinny jeans and an oversized white button-down shirt for a casual yet chic look. Add statement accessories like chunky silver rings or a leather bracelet to elevate the overall outfit. This combination creates a perfect blend of comfort and style, showcasing your appreciation for high-fashion footwear.

If you want to make a bold statement with your Rick Owens shoes:

  1. Pair them with a sleek all-black ensemble.
  2. Opt for black leather pants or leggings paired with a fitted black top or blouse—layer on an oversized blazer or coat in charcoal grey or deep burgundy for added drama.
  3. Finish off the look with minimalistic silver jewellery, and let your Rick Owens shoes shine as the focal point of your outfit.

How Comfortable Do You Find Rick Owens Shoes?

I’m a huge fan of Rick Owens and his edgy, avant-garde designs. Naturally, I was excited to get my hands (or feet) on a pair of his iconic shoes. Regarding comfort, Rick Owens shoes aren’t the most cozy option.

The first thing you’ll notice when slipping on a pair of Rick Owens shoes is their distinct silhouette. They are often bold and angular, with chunky soles and unconventional shapes. While this design is undeniably striking and adds an incredible amount of personality to any outfit, it does come at a cost – comfort. The condition can sometimes feel restrictive, especially if you have wider feet like me.

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How Do Rick Owens Shoes Fit?

Many customers report that Rick Owens shoes tend to run more significantly than your average shoe size. If you wear a size 9, you may need to go down half a size or even a full size in Rick Owens footwear. It’s important to note that this can vary depending on the specific style of the shoe. Some techniques may run true to size, while others require more significant sizing adjustments.

When determining how they fit, it’s also worth considering the materials used in Rick Owens shoes. The brand frequently uses high-quality leathers and fabrics which can mould and stretch over time with wear. 

Who Is Rick Owens?

Rick Owens is a fashion designer born in California in 1962 who has built a reputation for his avant-garde, dark and architectural aesthetic. Known for his unique blend of streetwear and high fashion, Owens has become one of the most influential figures in the industry. His clothing often showcases exaggerated silhouettes, asymmetry, and unconventional materials.

Rick Owens

What sets Rick Owens apart is his design approach and his rebellious attitude towards traditional fashion conventions. He challenges societal norms by embracing diversity on the runway and pushing boundaries with his designs. Unlike many designers who prioritize glamour and luxury, Owens stays true to himself, maintaining a sense of authenticity throughout his work.


Understanding the Rick Owens shoe size chart and how to style Rick Owens shoes is essential for anyone looking to incorporate these unique and fashion-forward footwear options into their wardrobe. By following the guidelines provided in the size chart, individuals can ensure a proper fit that maximizes comfort and style. Exploring different styling techniques and outfit combinations can elevate any look, allowing versatility and personal expression. From pairing chunky sneakers with casual streetwear to incorporating elegant boots into formal attire, there are endless possibilities when styling Rick Owens shoes. So go ahead, dive into the world of Rick Owens footwear and discover new ways to express your fashion creativity!

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