18 Stylish Shoes To Wear With Midi Dress In 2024

Midi dresses are named after their length typically falls between the lower knee and upper ankles combining elegance and comfort. There are different shoes you can select to wear with the midi dress, depending on your style and preferences.

Now what shoes to wear with midi dress, and choosing the right footwear can make or break an outfit.  Shoes like high heels and sandals show a sense of elegance for those warm summer days, to stylish boots and comfortable sneakers offer both comfort and style during chilly winter nights.

So in this article, I will give you guidance about these 18 stylish shoes, that will complement a midi dress.

18 Best Stylish Shoes To Wear With Midi Dress

When we go for pairing shoes with midi dress, different options you have in shoes. But here I am giving you the 18 best stylish shoe recommendations that will style your midi dress so elegantly.

WHAT SHOES TO WEAR WITH MIDI DRESS-18 Best Stylish Shoes To Wear With A Midi Dress

Wearing shoes with your midi dress, and finding the perfect balance between style and comfort is important. Let’s elaborate on these best shoes here:

How To Wear A Midi Dress With Shoes Sneakers

A great choice to use sneakers with a midi dress. Not only do they offer comfort and support for all-day wear, but they also add a casual and stylish touch to your outfit. Sneakers are casual shoes with midi dresses. 

It can complement any regular midi dress style, whether it’s a flowy floral piece or a structured form. You can wear it in any season, from the spring, fall, summer even winter. When choosing a midi dress length, it’s generally best for one that falls above or below the largest part of your calf.

If the dress hits right at the widest part of your calf, it can visually cut off your legs and make you appear shorter, especially with chunkier sneakers. 

Below I discuss some of the best sneakers from which you can get ideas for confusion in your mind like what shoes (sneakers) to wear with a midi dress.

White Sneakers

The clean and minimalist look of white sneakers adds a touch of elegance to casual dresses, making them a choice for everyday wear. When you want a stylish look wear white sneakers shoes with a midi dress.


Slip-On Sneakers

These sneakers value both comfort and style. They are the perfect substitute for traditional shoes, offering convenience. Twining slip-ons with skirts or midi dresses not only adds a touch of casual attractive look to your wear but also provides a cool look that is perfect for those who are always on the go. 


Midi dress you can pair with these slip-on sneakers and you all have many choices from classic white sneakers to bold metallics and playful animal designs.

Chunky Sneakers

These sneakers offer a cool and casual vibe. Whether you go for an all-white pair for a classic look or choose any design with bold patterns or colour-blocked details, these sneakers bring a touch of edginess to your style.

The chunky sole adds an element of height and comfort, making them perfect for all-day wear. When you pair these shoes with a simple bodycon or midi dress, these shoes look best. 


Black Sneakers

Different colour variations are available in sneakers including black, white, orange, and red. Crafting the perfect all-black ensemble, you have to match shoes with a black midi dress.


Style OF A Midi Dress With Boots.

To wear a midi dress with boots, you can wear ankle boots or knee-high boots depending on the length of the dress. Midi dresses with boots can create a stylish look. During the cooler months, ankle or knee-high boots can add warmth. It is ideal for casual gatherings or even a day out in the city. 


A floral or thin knit midi dress in spring can be used and boots with breathable or perforated leather allow for better comfort and airflow during the summer days. When you choose between a dress that covers taller boots or one that leaves a gap, consider the overall look you want to achieve.

Heel Boots

These boots offer the perfect solution for days when you’re looking to move around without the discomfort of stilettos. A midi dress looks stylish with these shoes heel boots with a midi dress adds an unexpected and edgy twist.

How A Midi Dress Goes With Ankle Boots

Tight sock ankle boots with a midi dress create a modern look. The sleek shape of the boots highlights the flowy nature of a midi dress. Shoes that are used with everything these dainty boots are it! When you’re petite and for boots with no heels or a clunky design, it’s important to maintain balance in your outfit.


Ankle Boots

Provide the perfect fusion of style and comfort when paired with a midi dress with these ankle boots. Ankle boots with a midi dress, the design of both can make a notable difference in your overall look.

When styling midi dresses that hit just above your calf, consider how your height can affect the overall look. Avoid ankle boots that hit right at the calf or higher, as they can visually cut off your legs and make you seem shorter than you are.

How To Wear A Midi Dress With Cowboy Boots

You use these boots not for comfort only but you will choose a dress length, aim for one that hits just below the knee to allow your boots to shine. Classic, almost knee-high cowboy boots add a touch of Western charm to any outfit, especially when paired with midi dresses or fuller skirts.

Midi Dress With Cowboy Boots

While bodycon midi dresses may not be the best choice for this particular look, a dress with a side slit can perfectly accommodate your boots while allowing for movement. Adding a layer over a soft sweater can elevate your outfit, especially when paired with accessories like a studded or fringe crossbody bag.

 If it’s a cooler day, adding a denim jacket to your outfit can instantly raise your look with a utility aesthetic. 

Cowboy Boots & Chelsea Boots

A midi dress with lace-up combat boots or chunky-soled Chelsea boots gives an elegant look. For a flowy, floral midi dress pair with black leather combat boots for an edgy and soft look. Burgundy boots can look good with your dress, depending on its colour.

Playing around with taller Chelsea boots can be a great way to add a trendy twist to your outfit.

for a stylish alternative to the classic cowboy boots. Chelsea boots can offer a sleek and that works well with different dress lengths and styles. 

Styling Of Midi Dress With Knees Boots

In a midi dress styling with knee-high boots, the important thing is to find the perfect balance. Avoid chunky or bulky knee-high boots when wearing a tight midi dress as they can visually shorten your legs and disrupt the flow of your outfit. 

Wear a fitted midi dress that follows your shape but isn’t too tight. Pair it with slim knee boots for a sleek and stretch-out look without being too much. If the dress is longer than your boots, it can add unnecessary bulk underneath and make it difficult for you to move freely.

Knee-High Boots

The combination of a midi dress and knee-high boots strikes the perfect balance between elegant style and practicality. Knee-high boots for the fall and winter seasons are a very good choice for a midi dress. Shiny black knee boots with a sleek black dress show confidence and glamour, perfect for a night out.

Knee-High Boots

How To Wear A Midi Dress With Flats

Different stylish flats we can choose to dress up with midi dresses. midi dress with the right flats can create a stylish and comfortable look for any occasion. Wearing flats with a midi dress, going for a length that falls just below the knees and above the calf can create an elegant and admiring combo. Choosing a knee-length hemline can make your legs look longer.

 Midi Dress With Flats

Ballerina Flats

A midi dress belted at the waist with a voluminous skirt and a pair of classic ballerina flats looks beautiful. Traditional black flats crafted from leather, beautify with a charming bow that will give charm to the skirt. 

Ballerina Flats

These pointed ballerina shoes offer a terrific alternative to traditional flats, adding a touch of flair to any outfit. Paired with a smart cocktail midi dress, these shoes raise your look. It is the perfect combination when you wear ballerina flats shoes with a midi dress.

Which type of shoe for your midi dress do you need, that’s why first you go through the different shoe brands. In every brand shoe size first matters a lot. I am giving you one renowned brand Zara shoe size chart and tips to find your size.

Summer Slides

The elegance of a midi dress with casual slides creates a look that is both fashionable and practical. These shoes provide both comfort and style, perfect for lazy days spent at the beach or casual outings.

The casual stylish look of the slides perfectly complements the length and flow of a midi dress, creating a trendy and relaxed outfit for any summer occasion. The elegance of a midi dress with casual slides creates a look that is both fashionable and practical. 

Many variations from single straps to criss-cross designs and even square-toed styles with a low block heel.


The midi dress looks more elegant and refined with loafers. To raise your preppy style, consider your midi shirt dress with classic brown or burgundy penny loafers. Some unique socks for your loafers can make your outfit more charming. Burgundy boots can look good with your dress, depending on its colour.


Midi Dress With Combat boots

The classic femininity of a midi dress is by pairing it with a bold and strong-willed pair of knee-high boots. White or floral tiered midi dress with a chunky pair of combat boots creates a fascinating contrast that blends femininity with edginess.  

Black midi bodycon or sweater dress, pairing it with knee-high boots gives an elegant look. For winter ear the combination of a soft midi sweater dress and stylish black waterproof combat boots.

Combat Boots

These boots provide the perfect balance, supporting your legs without compromising on style. The edgy and bold look of combat boots can add a unique touch when you wear that footwear with a midi dress.


How To Wear A Midi Dress With Heels

Wearing a midi dress with heels, this combination offers a flattering and elegant look. Taller, thinner heels can widen the legs, enhance your overall look, and give you an impressive appearance, choosing between a lower, chunky heeled sandal or going all out in a sky-high stiletto pump, the decision completely depends on you.


The classic stiletto pump, with its pointed-toe design, exudes a timeless charm that effortlessly elevates the overall look of a midi cocktail dress. It’s been a classic choice to pair with long skirts or midi dresses. For shorter, just-under-the-knee midi dresses, pumps without ankle straps can highlight the length of your legs and give an elegant touch.


Strappy Sandal

The strappy sandal, with its sleek and minimalist design, is a versatile shoe choice for both casual and formal occasions. Elegance and versatility come together in strappy sandals. When you wear that dress on any occasion then right footwear with midi dress, barely there sandals are an unbeatable choice.

Strappy Sandal

When you enhance the overall look of a midi dress, go with a neutral or metallic-coloured sandal. These sandals come in various styles, ranging from simple one-strap designs to many multi-strap variations, adding a touch of style to any outfit.

When you are deciding on footwear for midi dress, strappy kitten heels or block sandals can easily elevate your look.

Espadrille Wedges

One of my favourite wear-in shoes for summer days is a pair of espadrille wedges. Whether you’re wearing a flowing midi dress or for a more casual look. When you go for espadrille wedges with their lace-up details can visually cut off the length of your legs, making them appear shorter and therefore balancing out your overall proportions.  

Espadrille Wedges

Flat Sandals

Perfect combination for midi skirts with flat sandals, but they can bring a sense of effortless style to any outfit. While heels may seem like the go-to choice for a more raised look, simple flat sandals offer a touch of casual style that is perfect for various occasions.

Simple flat sandals offer a refreshing and stylish alternative that should not be overlooked. Not only do they provide a more comfortable option for everyday wear, but with this they can also bring a relaxed and effortless vibe to your midi skirt combo.


Flat sandals with a midi skirt can add a touch of casual trend to your look, perfect for both daytime and evening outings. Flat sandals not can only be worn in summer but go all year round.

Block Heel Sandals

Block heel sandals offer a stylish and practical alternative to traditional high heels. Block heels give you height without making you appear overly tall. Block heel sandals are a stylish option for warm summer days. 

Block Heel Sandals

Not only do they provide the perfect balance of comfort and height, but they also offer more stability compared to stilettos or wedges. A stylish choice to wear these shoes with a midi dress during the summer. Whether your midi dress has long or short sleeves, block-heeled sandals look good.

Clogs With Midi Dresses

Slip-on clogs with a midi dress effortlessly create a 70s-inspired, laid-back look. Traditional wooden heels, and clogs now feature platform soles, wedge heels, and even chunky block heels for added height and comfort. Swedish Hasbeens make clogs that mix classic styles with new ideas.

The stands out clog-style shoe with its unique blend of elegance and comfort. The chunky wooden heels of clogs add an interesting contrast to the flowy outline of the midi dress, creating a look that is both trendy and comfortable.

Final Thoughts

The right shoes to wear with a midi dress can raise your overall look. Whether you choose the option for elegant heels, trendy sneakers, or comfortable flats, there are countless stylish options to complement your midi dress.

Look at which event or occasion, the dress style, and most importantly your comfort when choosing the perfect footwear for a midi dress. So go mix and match different shoe styles with your midi dresses to create a stunning outlook.


Do Midi Dresses Suit, Everyone?

Everyone wears dresses with different print fabrics and colours. A midi dress with the right stylish shoes looks great. It can admire any body type and height, as you choose the right size and length.

What Shoes to Wear With the Midi Dress?

We have different stylish shoes like sneakers, heels, boots, and flats but you should wear a midi dress with shoes that suit your outfit and comfort for you.

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