Jordan Shoe Size Chart: Are Their Sizes Same as Nike?

Regarding iconic sneaker brands, Nike and Jordan are at the forefront of the game. These brands are known for their exceptional quality and style and have become synonymous with athletic footwear worldwide. One question that often arises among sneaker enthusiasts is whether Jordan shoes follow Nike’s size chart. With many models and variations, buyers must know if they can rely on their regular Nike shoe size when purchasing coveted Jordans. This article will delve into this topic and unravel the mysteries behind the Jordan shoe size chart, providing clarity for those seeking to rock these legendary kicks confidently.

Jordan Men’s Shoe Size Chart

Jordan Men Shoe Size Chart provides the length measurements in inches and includes European and UK sizing equivalents. This makes it easier for international buyers or those accustomed to different sizing systems to find their perfect fit. For example, if you are a US size 10, you would wear a UK size nine or European size 44 in Jordan shoes.

Jordan Shoe Size Chart

Jordan Shoe Size Chart for Women’s

Jordan offers half sizes from 5.5 up to 10.5 for women’s shoes. This extensive range ensures everyone can find a comfortable and secure fit regardless of their foot shape or size. This allows for more precision when selecting your ideal pair of Jordans, as you can choose between whole and half sizes to ensure ultimate comfort on your adventures.

Jordan Shoe Size Chart

Jordan Kids Shoe Size Chart

Jordan Kids Shoe Size Chart is that it caters specifically to children’s feet. Children undergo rapid growth phases, so their shoe size can change quickly. By referring to this chart regularly, you can stay updated with their changing needs and avoid purchasing ill-fitting shoes that may hinder their development or cause discomfort.

Jordan Shoe Size Chart

Jordan Shoe Sizing For Wide Feet

Finding the perfect pair of Jordans can sometimes feel like a never-ending struggle if you have wide feet. Luckily, Jordan Brand has been trying to accommodate individuals with wider feet by introducing variations in their sizing options. 

When shopping for Jordans with wide feet, it’s also crucial to consider other factors, such as material composition and lacing techniques, that can affect your sneakers’ overall comfort and fit. 

Opting for shoes constructed from stretchy materials like flyknit or mesh can provide additional flexibility and adaptability for your foot shape. Experimenting with different lacing techniques, such as skipping eyelets or utilizing straight bar laces instead of crossed ones, may help alleviate tightness or discomfort around the midfoot area.

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How To Measure Your Feet For Jordan Shoe Size?

When buying the perfect pair of Jordan shoes, measuring your feet accurately is crucial. A common mistake is assuming that one brand’s shoe size will be the same. 

How To Measure Your Feet For Jordan Shoe Size?

Measuring your Foot

Start by placing the paper on a hard floor surface and standing one foot flat on the form. Use the ruler or tape measure to mark the longest part of your foot from heel to toe. Repeat this process with your other foot, as there may be slight differences in size. 

Choosing the Right Width

Choosing the correct width for your Jordan shoes is crucial to ensure a comfortable fit. Many people focus solely on the length of their feet when measuring shoe size, but neglecting width can lead to an uncomfortable and restrictive fit. To measure your foot width accurately, use a soft measuring tape or a piece of string to wrap around the widest part of your foot. Ensure it is snug but not tight, as you want to replicate how the shoe will fit. 

Shoe Anatomy & Measurements

Understanding shoe anatomy and measurements will help you determine the right size and enable you to choose the best style for your foot shape and arch type. Start by placing your foot on a paper and tracing its outline with a pen or pencil. Please measure the length from the tip of your longest toe to the back of your heel and record it in inches or centimeters.

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Final Thoughts 

Knowing the right size to buy for Jordan shoes can save you from the hassle of returns and exchanges. While Nike and Jordan are both under the same parent company, their shoe sizes may not always be the same. It is essential to refer to the specific Jordan shoe size chart to make an accurate purchase. Remember that different models of Jordan shoes may also have slight variations in sizing. So, before making your next purchase, take the time to measure your feet and consult the appropriate size chart for a comfortable fit. Don’t let incorrect sizing ruin your sneaker game – choose wisely and step out confidently!


Do Jordans run true to size?

Yes, Jordans generally run true to size. However, it’s important to note that different Jordan models may have slight variations in sizing. Trying on the specific model you’re interested in before purchasing is always a good idea to ensure the best fit. 

How do I determine my Jordan shoe size?

The first step is to measure your feet accurately to determine your Jordan shoe size. Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the length of your foot from heel to toe. Make sure to measure both feet, as one foot may be slightly larger than the other. Once you have the measurements, refer to a Jordan shoe size chart, which can be found online or at any reputable shoe store.

Why do Jordans run big?

Jordans are known for running big due to their design and construction. The Jordan brand, created by Nike, typically uses a combination of leather and synthetic materials in their sneakers. Leather tends to stretch and mold to the foot’s shape over time, resulting in a more spacious fit. 

How do women’s Jordans fit?

Women’s Jordans typically fit true to size. It is important to note that the fit may vary slightly depending on the specific model and style. It is always recommended to refer to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer or try them on in person if possible. 

Should you size down in Jordan 4?

Regarding sizing down in Jordan 4 sneakers, it depends on your preference and the fit you are looking for. Some people find the Jordan 4s run slightly large, so they size down half a size for a more snug fit. Others prefer to stick with their actual size because the extra room allows for more comfort and flexibility.

How do Jordan Lows fit?

Jordan Lows, also known as Air Jordan Low sneakers, generally fit true to size. It is important to note that the fit may vary slightly depending on the specific model and individual foot shape. Try them before purchasing, or refer to the brand’s official sizing guide for more accurate information.

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