Ecco Shoe Size Chart: Find Your Ecco Shoe Sizing

Are you tired of ordering shoes online only to find that they don’t fit? Look no further than the Ecco shoe size chart, your ultimate guide to finding the perfect fit. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Ecco footwear or are considering trying them for the first time, this comprehensive sizing chart will help ensure that your next pair fits like a dream. From measuring your feet accurately to understanding how different styles and materials may affect the fit, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to find your ideal Ecco shoe sizes. 

Men’s Ecco Shoe Size Chart

One aspect of the Ecco Men Shoe Size Chart that sets it apart is its focus on length and width measurements. This means you can find the correct length and the right width for your foot. Ecco offers different width options, such as slim, regular, and wide, allowing men to find a shoe that fits perfectly without sacrificing style or quality.

Ecco shoe size chart
Centimeter (CN, JP, Mondo)InchesUSUKEU
25.06 Cm9.843 Inches639
32.35 Cm12.722 Inches16½14½50
31.74 Cm12.484 Inches15½1449
31.03 Cm12.23 Inches14½1348
30.32 Cm11.923 Inches13½12½47
29.73 Cm11.694 Inches12½11½46
29.04 Cm11.422 Inches11½1145
28.32 Cm11.142 Inches10½1044
27.71 Cm10.913 Inches943
27.05 Cm10.634 Inches42
26.33 Cm10.353 Inches41
25.72 Cm10.122 Inches740

Women’s Ecco Shoe Size Chart

The size chart provides detailed measurements of different shoe sizes, including US and European sizes. This can be particularly helpful if you’re purchasing online and want to ensure a perfect fit. It’s important to note that sizing can vary slightly between different shoe styles, so it’s always a good idea to refer to the specific size chart for the shoe you’re interested in.

Ecco shoe size chart
Centimeter (CN, JP, Mondo)InchesUSUKEU
22.32 Cm8.782 Inches335
27.74 Cm10.913 Inches12½943
27.03 Cm10.632 Inches11½42
26.32 Cm10.353 Inches10½41
25.73 Cm10.124 Inches740
25.04 Cm9.841 Inches639
24.32 Cm9.573 Inches38
23.74 Cm9.334 Inches37
23.01 Cm9.062 Inches36

Ecco Shoe Sizing For Wide Feet

Finding the perfect pair of shoes can be daunting if you have wide feet. Ecco is a shoe brand that understands the need for comfortable and stylish footwear for all foot sizes. Regarding Ecco shoe sizing for wide feet, there are a few critical factors to consider.

Ecco offers a range of shoe styles specifically designed for wider feet. These shoes feature wider toe boxes and roomier overall designs to accommodate wider feet without sacrificing style or comfort. It’s important to note that Ecco uses European sizing, so it’s essential to familiarize yourself with their size chart before making a purchase. You can also check Under Armour Shoe Size Chart: Best Shoes With Generative Design.

How To Measure Your Feet For Ecco Shoe Sizes?

Getting the right fit is essential for optimal comfort and support when finding the perfect pair of shoes. This is especially true when shopping for Ecco shoes, renowned for their impeccable craftsmanship and innovative designs. Measuring your feet accurately is paramount to ensure you select the correct size.

Indicate the length

One of the most important aspects of measuring your feet for an Ecco shoe size is determining the length accurately. To do this, stand against a wall or place your foot on a piece of paper and mark where your heel ends and your longest toe reaches. 

Measuring your feet

Make sure you have a flat surface, such as a piece of paper or a hard floor, and a ruler or measuring tape. Place your foot flat on the surface, evenly distributing your weight.

Make a triangle

Once you have the length and width measurements, it’s time to create a triangle for a more accurate measurement. Grab a ruler or a straight edge and draw two lines from the apex of your heel to the broadest part of your foot. Then, measure the distance between these two lines. 

Read the numbers

Once you have both measurements, it’s time to read the numbers and determine your shoe size. Start by measuring the length of your foot from the longest toe to the heel with a ruler or tape measure. This measurement will give you your foot length measurement in centimeters or inches.

Ecco Shoe Sizing Compared to Other Brands

Ecco shoe size chart

Ecco shoes have long been hailed for their unmatched comfort and high-quality craftsmanship, but how does their sizing compare to other renowned brands? Well, let’s dive in and explore. One aspect that sets Ecco apart is its dedication to providing a wide range of sizes, including half sizes and comprehensive options. This caters to a broader customer base and ensures a more accurate fit for individuals with specific foot needs.

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Foot lengthEccoAdidasNew Balance
Men’s sizes
Women’s sizes

General Guidelines For Ecco Shoe Sizing

When buying a pair of Ecco shoes, getting the right size is essential for comfort and style. There are a few general guidelines to keep in mind to ensure that you pick the perfect fit. Take accurate measurements of your feet using a foot-measuring device. This will provide you with the length and width of your feet, which are crucial for finding the correct size. Consider the type of shoe you want to buy – Ecco offers different sizing standards for their dress shoes, athletic shoes, and boots. Be sure to check their specific sizing chart before making a purchase.

Guidelines For Ecco Shoe Sizing

Don’t make Foot-size Assumptions

Instead of assuming a person’s shoe size based on measurements alone, it is advisable to encourage customers to try multiple sizes and styles within Ecco’s range before purchasing. This allows them to find the perfect fit for their feet, considering different factors such as arch support and width. 

Always Try on

Always try on a pair of Ecco shoes before you buy them, even if you think you know your size. Remember that different styles and materials can affect the fit, so putting them on and walking around is essential. This will allow you to feel how the shoes conform to your feet and ensure they are comfortable. Plus, trying them on will enable you to check for any potential pressure points or areas of discomfort.

Buy From Trusted Sources

One of the most important guidelines is to always buy from trusted sources. This ensures you get genuine products that have undergone quality control measures. Purchasing from authorized retailers and the official Ecco website guarantees authenticity and provides access to accurate sizing information, detailed product descriptions, and customer reviews.


Finding the right size in Ecco shoes is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable shoe-wearing experience. You can accurately determine your shoe size by referring to the Ecco shoe size chart and following the guidelines. Remember to measure your feet regularly, as they may change over time. Whether you are purchasing online or in-store, knowing your Ecco shoe sizing will ensure you find the perfect fit every time. So don’t hesitate – use the Ecco shoe sizes chart today and step into a world of comfort and style!


What are Ecco running shoes made of?

Ecco running shoes are made of high-quality materials that prioritize comfort and durability. The uppers of Ecco running shoes are typically made from a combination of leather, synthetic materials, and breathable mesh. This blend allows for flexibility, breathability, and a secure fit.

Do wide feet need wider Ecco shoes?

Yes, wide feet generally require wider shoes to provide a comfortable and supportive fit. Ecco is known for offering a range of shoe widths, including comprehensive options, which can benefit individuals with wider feet. Choosing the correct shoe width is vital as it ensures that your feet have enough room to move and prevents discomfort or pain caused by tightness or pressure points. 

What size Ecco shoes should I buy?

When buying Ecco shoes, it is crucial to consider a few factors before determining the correct size. Ecco shoes tend to run true to size, so it is recommended to go for your usual shoe size. If you have wide feet or prefer extra room in your shoes, consider going half a size up.

What are the benefits of buying Ecco shoes online?

There are several benefits of buying Ecco shoes online. Convenience is a significant advantage. With just a few clicks, you can browse a wide range of Ecco shoe options from the comfort of your home. This saves you time and effort compared to physically visiting multiple stores.

Can Ecco shoes be customized?

Yes, Ecco shoes can be customized to some extent. While they do not offer a complete customization service where you can choose every shoe aspect, they provide specific customization options.

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