Geox Shoe Size Chart: Are Geox Shoes Good For Your Feet?

Geox is an Italian-based footwear brand. Geox produces all-weather usable shoes. Geox shoes have with breathable membrane and they use a waterproof layer so they can be usable in all sorts of conditions. Because of its unique design and materials, Geox shoes are very lightweight and comfortable. 

The company offers a variety of selections, The Geox shoe size chart will be your guide if you are seeking one.

Geox Women Shoe Size Chart

Geox Shoe Size Chart

The standard US Geox shoe size chart for women starts at sizes 4 to 12.5.

Their shoes are smaller than American shoe sizes due to the manufacturing of European shoe sizes. You can use the Geox women’s sizes as guidelines when shopping online if the brand doesn’t say the US equivalent.

12.5104328,00 Cm
1184227,30 Cm
10.57.54126,70 Cm
10.37.340 ½26,40 Cm
1074026,00 Cm
9.56.539 ½25,70 Cm
963925,40 Cm
8.55,538 ½25,00 Cm
853824,70 Cm
7.54.537 ½24,40 Cm
743724,00 Cm
6.53.536 ½23,70 Cm
633623,40 Cm
5.52.7535 ½23,00 Cm
52.53522,70 Cm
4.5234 ½22,40 Cm
41.53422,00 Cm

Geox Shoe Size Chart For Men

Geox Shoe Size Chart

Geox shoe size chart ranges from 39 to 47 in length and A to E widths, based on European (EU) increments. In some countries like France and England, different cuts are closer to American shoe sizes but generally their size proportions are equal to European cut.

13124730,40 Cm
12.5114629,80 Cm
1210.54529,10 Cm
11104428,40 Cm
10.59.543 ½28,00 Cm
1094327,70 Cm
9.58.542 ½27,30 Cm
984227,00 Cm
8.57.541 ½26,60 Cm
874126,30 Cm
76.54025,70 Cm
663925,10 Cm

Geox Kids Shoe Size Chart

Geox shoe size chart for kids ranges from 24 to 37. It’s recommended that firstly you check that they don’t have the same sizes as women’s before buying. People also ask us about Why Are Bata Shoes Cheap?

543723,70 Cm
433623,00 Cm
3.52.53522,40 Cm
31.53421,70 Cm
213321,00 Cm 
1133220,40 Cm
1312.53119,70 Cm
1211.53019,00 Cm
11112918,40 Cm
10.5102817,70 Cm
1092717,00 Cm
98.52616,40 Cm
8.57.52515,70 Cm
872415,00 Cm

Geox Baby Shoe Size Chart

Geox shoe size chart for babies is designed for babies from 1 month to 3 years old. Babies have longer narrow feet in the first few months but grow as they age.

1.51169,70 Cm
10.5159,00 Cm
10.5102817,70 Cm
1092717,00 Cm
98.52616,40 Cm
8.57.52515,70 Cm
872415,00 Cm
762314,40 Cm
6.552213,70 Cm
5.54.52113,00 Cm
4.53.52012,40 Cm
431911,70 Cm
32.51811,00 Cm
21.51710,40 Cm

Does Geox Run True To Size?

Unless you have narrow feet, the Geox shoes run half smaller than your normal size. Maybe because of the lightweight design of the shoes.

If you are seeking something less restrictive, Geox shoes should be a great choice as they are comfortable. But here’s a little bit of error as the shoes aren’t meant to handle heavy terrain or rough surfaces.

Are Geox Shoes Good For Your Feet?

The company is putting continuous efforts in developing their designs and products. They uses the comfort system technology in the manufacturing of shoes. The breathable membrane in shoes is designed to protect the feet by regulating the temperature. Geox offers a unique quality and a variety of selections for both men and women. Their shoes are suitable for use at any event or a whole day activity.


Are Geox shoes comfortable?

Yes, they are comfortable and easy to walk, due to the innovative designs and the use of comfort systems in manufacturing. 

Are Geox shoes waterproof?

Geox uses the waterproof layer in their shoes which makes the shoes waterproof and are suitable in all sorts of weather.

What is special about Geox shoes?

The innovative designs manufactured through comfort system technology and the use of the breathable membrane, waterproof layer, unique designs, and distinctive looks make Geox shoes special.

Are Geox shoes useable anywhere?

Here you have to do a little bit of compromise as the shoes are not meant to handle heavy terrain or rocky surfaces.

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