Bata Shoe Size Chart: Why Are Bata Shoes Cheap?

Bata is a footwear brand of slippers and shoes. Bata shoe sizes are simple and understandable and with this article about Bata shoe size chart, we will help you to find the best fit in your Bata shoes selection. 

The Bata Shoe brand was founded in Moravian Town of Zlín (now known as the Czech Republic) back on September 21st, 1894. They started their shoe production during World War II and it played an important role in the Allied Force’s victory, this started their popularity and fame.

Bata Shoe Size Chart

Bata Men Shoe Size Chart

Bata Shoe Size Chart

As of now their products are made across more than 30 countries and are manufactured with quality materials and use of technology instruments has made it even more sustainable. Bata men’s collections are worth buying if you are looking for social shoes or just want for casual use.

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Bata Shoe Size Chart For Women

Bata Shoe Size Chart

This shoe size chart will help you to find your perfect fit. Bata women collections are also made with the same materials and process that they use to make men’s.

IN ( Inches)USEURUKCM ( Centimeter)

Bata Toddler Shoe Size Chart

Bata Toddler Shoe Size Chart

Bata offers 10 different sizes of toddler shoes. This Shoe size chart displays measure sizes to find your perfect fit. Bata has a variety of collections for little kids like the bubble gummer collection.

IN ( Inches)USEURUKCM ( Centimeter)

Bata Kids Shoe Size Chart

Bata Toddler Shoe Size Chart

This is a Bata shoe size chart for kids. A perfect guidance for finding the best fit for your kids. This is for the kids particularly from the age 8 and 16 years.

IN ( Inches)USEURUKCM ( Centimeter)

Are Bata Shoes True To Size?

They aren’t true to size however they are big in the European region. Some of the average sizes for men are, in Europe 39-43, in Canada and the United States it ranges from 7-12 and for women in Canada and the U.S it ranges from 4-9.

Bata is one of the most popular brands but not everyone is a Bata fan. Some people usually buy it as a gift for anyone else and most of the time they are neither used nor worn.

Bata sells their products in European sizes not in Canadian or US sizes, which could be a big reason why everyone does not prefer the Bata. There’s also another misconception that these Indian products are made in the south, that’s why the difference in sizes occurs.

Why Are Bata Shoes Cheap?

Bata uses a particular type of glue that leaves the marking on their products, they use the materials that cost cheap but their products aren’t that bad either. Bata got the fame for the simplicity of their products over the years. They are called the sneakers of style due to their simplicity. Rather than developing their brand they prefer the budget and local vendors to work with. However, Bata shoes have distinctive looks. Working with local vendors in the poor areas has made them successful, they charge only 10-15% of commission on every sale of the pair of shoes. Low overhead costs have made this model a successful one.


Why are Bata Shoes Cheap?

They sell their products through local vendors in poor areas. Despite not using the quality materials in shoes their products aren’t that bad.

Why is Everyone not a Fan of Bata?

Because not everyone uses it, Bata has a high selling percentage through local vendors but many people just prefer it for giving a gift to anybody, not for themselves.

Are Bata Products Last Long?

If you are regularly using the products then the lifespan of the products will of course be highly reduced. But if you are using Bata products not regularly then they can last for some time, maybe for 6 months or even more.

Why does Bata not use Quality Materials?

Although Bata is a big brand, their products are more likely to be sold through local vendors in poor areas. People in that type of region can’t afford branded shoes that’s why they prefer Bata as these products give them intermediate quality and sustainability at cheap prices.

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