Brooks Shoe Size Chart: 3 Outstanding Technologies of Brooks

Have you ever wondered why some people always find the perfect fitting shoes while others end up with sore feet and disappointment? The answer lies in the revolutionary Brooks Shoe Size Chart. This game-changing tool combines advanced technologies and extensive research on foot anatomy to provide an unmatched shopping experience. Say goodbye to generic one-size-fits-all approaches and step into a world where ill-fitting shoes are a thing of the past. 

Women’s Brooks Shoe Size Chart  

Finding the perfect pair of running shoes is all about getting the correct size. Brooks has made it easier than ever with their comprehensive women’s shoe size chart. This guide considers both foot length and width, ensuring a precise fit.

Brooks Shoe Size Chart

Remember that sizes may vary slightly depending on your chosen shoe model or style. Measuring both feet and consulting the size chart before buying is a good idea. Also, consider specific factors like orthotic inserts or socks that could affect fit. With Brooks‘ detailed size chart, you can confidently find the perfect women’s shoe size for your next run or workout.

Brooks Shoe Size Comparison


Brooks Shoe Width Comparison

NarrowMediumWideExtra Wide

Brooks Men’s Shoe Size Chart

When finding the perfect pair of shoes, nothing is more important than getting the right fit. Thankfully, Brooks men’s shoes have made this process incredibly easy with their comprehensive sizing guide. This chart caters to various foot lengths and widths, ensuring every customer can find their ideal fit.

Brooks Shoe Size Chart

What sets Brooks apart is their commitment to providing detailed measurements for both length and width in their size chart. Whether you have narrow or wide feet, you can trust that Brooks has you covered with accurate sizing information. 

It’s worth mentioning that Brooks’ sizes may differ slightly from other brands, making it even more crucial to consult their chart before making a purchase. By utilizing the Brooks men’s shoe size chart as a reliable reference point, shoppers can confidently select footwear options that offer optimal support and comfort.

Brooks Shoe Size Comparison


Brooks Shoe Width Comparison

NarrowMediumWideExtra Wide

Brooks Shoe Size Chart for All Gender

Brooks has created a comprehensive size chart that caters to all genders, making it easy for everyone to find their perfect fit. Understanding the Brooks sizing system is essential for running, walking, or casual sneakers.

Brooks Size Chart for All Gender

The size chart considers various factors for a comfortable fit and offers detailed measurements to guide your decision-making. With options for regular width, comprehensive, and extra-wide sizes, Brooks ensures that no one has to sacrifice comfort or style. 

They encourage individuals of all genders to confidently explore their extensive collection and find the perfect pair that meets their needs while providing optimal comfort during any activity.

Brooks Shoe Size Comparison

All Gender USMen’s USWomen’s USEuropeUK

Brooks Shoe Width Comparison

NarrowMediumWideExtra Wide
All genderBD2E4E

How To Measure Feet for Running Shoes Accurately?

When finding the perfect running shoes, correctly measuring your feet is crucial. Many people rely on shoe sizes as a general guide, but each brand may have slight variations in their sizing.

Understand the Parameters of the Foot

Understanding the parameters of the foot is crucial for finding the perfect running shoes. While many focus solely on shoe size, other essential factors must be considered. For example, the width of your foot can significantly affect how comfortable a pair of shoes feel while running. 

To accurately measure your foot width, use a flexible tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of your foot. Take note of this measurement as you refer to the size chart.

Refer to the Size Chart

Speaking of size charts, they can be incredibly helpful in determining which shoe size will fit you best, as not all shoe brands have standardized sizing. Therefore, taking measurements and referring to each brand’s size chart is crucial for an accurate fit.

Necessary Distance

When choosing running shoes, don’t just focus on measuring your feet accurately; also consider the necessary distance between your toes and the end of the shoe. Your toes should have enough room to wiggle comfortably without feeling cramped inside the shoe. Aim for about a thumb’s width (approximately 1/2 inch) between your longest toe and the front edge of the shoe when standing or walking around in them.

Outstanding Technologies of Brooks

Brooks distinguishes itself through groundbreaking technologies, such as personalized sizing options and adaptive cushioning systems. These features enhance performance and prioritize runners’ comfort and individual needs. Such commitment to innovation solidifies Brooks’ position as one of the leading brands in the running shoe market today.

Brooks Shoe Size Chart

EVA – Revolutionary Technology in the Industry

Experience the revolutionary technology that changed the game in 1975. Brooks and Monarch Rubber Company united their expertise to develop an extraordinary material – EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). With its unique structure of microscopic air pockets within foam layers, EVA is lighter than rubber and boasts exceptional elastic shock resistance. Prepare to be amazed as you witness the impact of EVA on the sports shoe industry, forever altering how we move. And it doesn’t stop there – discover how this game-changer has infiltrated our daily lives through floor pads, yoga mats, and more!


Brooks introduced HydroFlow technology in 1989 as a competitor to Nike’s AIR technology and Asics GEL technology. This mechanical buffer, located in the heel area of the midsole, contains compacted silicone oil that reduces shock and provides comfort for runners. HydroFlow was utilized in all Brooks shoes until it was replaced by DNA technology in 2010.

Also Read Asics Shoe Size Chart and Nike Shoe Size Chart in here.

DNA Technology

Brooks Shoes introduced its revolutionary DNA technology in 2010 with the Glycerin 8 shoe, marking a significant advancement in mid-sole technology. This cutting-edge feature, made from BioMoGo DNA, offers a responsive cushioning system that adapts to the unique requirements of each runner or walker. By continuously adjusting its firmness level based on pace, movement patterns, and body weight distribution, it provides personalized support for optimal performance.


Find your perfect fit and experience outstanding performance with Brooks shoes! The Brooks shoe size chart is an absolute must-have tool that guarantees you get precisely what you need. With cutting-edge technologies like the BioMoGo DNA cushioning system and GuideRails support feature, no other brand can match the comfort and stability provided by Brooks.

By using the accurate measurements from our shoe size chart, you will make informed decisions when buying your next pair of shoes. Don’t forget to consult our reliable Brooks shoe size chart before purchasing – your feet will be eternally grateful!


Do Brooks sneakers come in the correct size?

Yes, finding the perfect fit is OK with Brooks sneakers! They come in various sizes for both men and women, including half sizes and different widths. Brooks ensures that everyone can find their ideal fit. Whether you’re into running or walking, these sneakers will provide you with the ultimate comfort and support you need. 

What’s the difference in size between Brooks and Asics?

Brooks and Asics, two well-known brands in the athletic footwear industry, have their unique sizing systems. There may be slight differences in size between the two brands. Both Brooks and Asics offer a variety of sizes to cater to different foot shapes and sizes. To ensure the best fit, it is recommended to consult the size charts provided by both brands or try on shoes in person.

What exactly does “GTS” stand for in Brooks footwear?

GTS is an abbreviation for Go-To-Support, a company that employs Guide Rails technology to deliver all-encompassing support for the normal movement of your hips, knees, and joints.

Why do Brooks sneakers have such a stellar reputation?

Brooks sneakers have gained a stellar reputation primarily due to their commitment to quality and performance. The brand has consistently focused on developing innovative technologies that enhance the overall running experience. Their shoes are known for providing excellent cushioning, stability, and support, essential for runners of all levels.

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