New Balance Shoe Size Chart: How To Choose Your Size?

Finding the right shoe size can be a challenge, but The New Balance Shoe Size Chart demystifies the sizing game. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about choosing your ideal size, from understanding different foot measurements to deciphering those mysterious numbers on the chart. Get ready for a hassle-free shopping experience with New Balance shoes!

New Balance Shoe Size Chart For Men

New Balance shoes are known for their exceptional comfort, durability, and style. Finding the perfect fit can sometimes be a challenge, but understanding the Men’s Balance Shoe Size chart is essential before making a purchase. The chart acts as an invaluable tool when shopping for men’s footwear.

New Balance Shoe Size Chart


Balance shoe size chart includes measurements in inches, centimeters, and European sizes, ensuring accuracy no matter where you are in the world. New Balance shoes run slightly smaller than other brands. It is recommended to go up half a size from your regular shoe size to ensure a comfortable fit. 

Width Options

The valuable insight provided by the chart is width options. They provide multiple widths such as narrow (B), standard or medium (D), wide (2E), extra wide (4E) and even extra-extra wide (6E) for specific needs and optimal comfort.

CentimetersEU/FR SizeUS sizeUK Size

New Balance Shoe Widths for Men


New Balance Shoe Size Chart For Women

As a woman, finding the right shoe size can be quite challenging, but New Balance offers a comprehensive shoe size chart to help you make the right choice as it ensures a more precise fit.

New Balance Shoe Size Chart

New Balance uses both US and UK sizing systems. So before diving into their size chart, take note of any specification mentioning UK or US on your current shoes. It offers various width options for many of its models. It is excellent news for women with wider or narrower feet as it allows for a more customized and comfortable fit.

Taking advantage of the New Balance Women’s shoe size chart will significantly increase your chances of finding the perfect fit without having to deal with returns or exchanges – not only saving you time but also ensuring ultimate comfort and support with every step you take in their stylish footwear collection!

CentimetersEU/FR SizeUS sizeUK Size

New Balance Shoe Widths For Women


New Balance Shoe Size Chart For Kids and Toddlers

Trying to find the perfect shoe size for your little one can sometimes feel like solving a complex puzzle. Kids and toddlers grow at a rapid pace, making it essential to have an accurate shoe size chart. New Balance offers an extensive range of shoes for kids and toddlers, and their detailed shoe size guide can help take the guesswork out of the equation.

New Balance Shoe Size Chart


Toddlers are constantly on the move, exploring the world around them with curiosity and excitement. As they take those wobbly first steps, it is crucial to provide them with supportive shoes that offer stability and comfort. New Balance understands this need and designs shoes specifically tailored to support the developing feet of toddlers. From soft soles that promote natural movement to breathable materials that keep tiny feet dry, New Balance prioritizes both style and function.

CentimetersInchesUS SizeUK Size

Little Kid

As your child grows into a little kid, their footwear needs to change as well. At this stage, not only do shoes have to be comfortable but also durable enough to endure their active lifestyle. The Balance Shoe Size Chart helps you find the perfect fit for your energetic little ones who love running, jumping, and playing all day long. With features like lightweight cushioning for enhanced shock absorption and rubber out-soles for excellent traction on different surfaces, New Balance ensures that your kids can enjoy every adventure without compromise.

CentimetersInchesUS SizeUK Size

Big Kid

Stepping into big kid territory means new challenges when it comes to finding suitable footwear. Fortunately, with New Balance’s shoe size chart guidance at hand, you can easily select sneakers that meet both style expectations and performance demands for older kids.

CentimetersInchesUS SizeUK Size

Shoe Widths for Kids and Toddlers


How To Measure Your Feet To Choose The Best New Balance Shoe Size?

Accurately measuring your feet is crucial when it comes to choosing the right shoe size, especially with a brand like New Balance that offers a variety of width options.

Prepare tools

By using these essential tools, you are well-equipped to obtain precise measurements of your feet – enabling you to choose your ideal New Balance shoe size confidently!

  • A piece of paper
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape or Ruler
  • A pair of Socks

Steps to Measure Your Feet

Measuring your feet accurately is essential to ensure a comfortable and well-fitting shoe. By following these steps, you’ll be able to measure your feet accurately and confidently.

Step 1: Draw the foot 

Draw your foot on a piece of paper using a pencil or pen. Be sure to stand naturally with your weight evenly distributed, as this will provide the most accurate representation of your foot’s shape and size. 

Step 2: Mark the width and length measurements

After tracing both feet, use a ruler or measuring tape to mark the width and length measurements.

Step 3: Determine the length of the foot

Determine the length of each foot by measuring from the heel to the longest toe. It’s important to measure both feet individually since it’s common for one foot to be slightly longer than the other. 

Step 4: How to choose shoe size

Once you have these measurements, consult a shoe size chart that matches these lengths with standard shoe sizes.

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Tips For Measuring Your Feet

Taking accurate measurements will avoid uncomfortable footwear choices and ensure that your feet can breathe and move freely all day long. By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to find shoes that fit comfortably every time.

Tips For Measuring Your Feet
  • Start by finding a solid, flat surface to stand on. It can be a hardwood floor or even a piece of paper placed on the ground.
  • To measure your feet accurately, make sure you wear socks that you usually wear with the type of shoes you’re buying.
  • Place one foot firmly on the ground and use a ruler or tape measure to measure from the back of your heel to the tip of your longest toe.
  • Take note of this measurement in both inches and centimetres, as different shoe brands may have different sizing systems.
  • For width, wrap a measuring tape around the widest part of your foot and take note again in both inches and centimetres.
  • Repeat these steps for your other foot since it is common for feet to vary slightly in size.

How To Choose a New Balance Shoe Size?

When it comes to choosing the right New Balance shoe size, there are a few key factors to consider. By following these guidelines, you’ll be better equipped to choose the ideal New Balance shoe size for ultimate comfort and performance.

Measure Your Feet

It’s important to measure your feet accurately. Use a measuring tape or Ruler and measure both the length and width of your feet while standing up. Take note of any discrepancies between your left and right foot measurements.

Specific Model

Pay attention to the specific model of New Balance shoe you are interested in. Every style can vary slightly in terms of sizing and fit, so it’s crucial to read customer reviews or consult with experts before making a decision.


Remember that different types of athletic activities might require different sizes. For example, running shoes generally allow for more toe space due to the impact involved in running. In contrast, training shoes may have a more secure fit for stability during lateral movements. Consider the specific needs of your sport or activity when selecting your perfect New Balance shoe size.


The New Balance shoe size chart provides a convenient and accurate way to determine your ideal fit. By measuring your feet and using the chart as a reference, you can ensure that you are selecting the correct size for your unique foot shape. With the help of the New Balance shoe chart, you can confidently make your purchase and enjoy a comfortable and supportive fit. Take the time to measure your feet and consult the chart before buying your next pair of New Balance shoes!


Are the sizes of New Balance shoes accurate?

Yes, New Balance shoe sizes are known for being accurate. To ensure the best possible fit, measure your feet regularly and refer to the New Balance size chart when purchasing shoes online. It will help you find the appropriate size based on your foot length and width measurements.

Who exactly is New Balance’s owner?

New Balance is privately owned by a company called New Balance Athletics, Inc. The company was founded in 1906 by William J. Riley, and it has remained family-owned ever since. Currently, the majority owner of New Balance is Jim Davis, who bought the company in 1972. Davis turned the company around and transformed it into one of the leading athletic footwear brands globally.

How do the New Balances feel to use?

New Balance shoes are known for their comfort and support, making them a popular choice among athletes and individuals who spend long hours on their feet. The brand prides itself on using advanced cushioning technologies, such as Fresh Foam and ABZORB, which provide excellent shock absorption and help reduce impact on joints.

Is New Balance trendy?

New Balance has gained popularity in recent years and can be considered trendy among certain groups. The brand’s retro-inspired designs and collaborations with fashion influencers have contributed to its rise in the fashion world.

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