Bowling Shoe Size Chart: How To Choose Bowling Shoes?

Discover the Bowling Shoe Size Chart, a valuable tool for novice and experienced bowlers seeking optimal comfort and performance. This resource underscores the significance of a proper fit, offering essential guidance to enhance confidence and ease while bowling.

International Bowling Shoe Measurement Conversion Chart

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Countries have varied sizing systems, so having a reliable conversion chart is essential. For instance, while the United States uses a numbering system for bowling shoe size, other countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia rely on different metrics like millimeters or centimeters to determine sizing. Discover the Bowling Shoes Size Chart, a valuable tool for novice and experienced bowlers seeking optimal comfort and performance. 

This information may be helpful for you if you typically purchase shoes through an online retailer. Utilize this chart with user reviews of the shoes you are considering purchasing to get higher precision.


Bowling Shoe Size Chart For Women

bowling shoe size chart

When choosing the right bowling shoes, women often face challenges finding the perfect fit. Understanding the bowling shoe sizes chart for women is crucial in ensuring optimum comfort and performance on the lanes. Different brands may have varying sizing, so referring to a comprehensive size chart can help narrow down choices and avoid unnecessary confusion when purchasing.

Heel-to-toe Length(in inches)Size (USA)(in inches)Narrow Width(AA)(in inches)Medium Width(B)(in inches)Wide Width(D)(in inches)Extra Wide Width(EE)(in inches)

Bowling Shoe Size Chart For Men

bowling shoe size chart

Choosing the right bowling shoes for men hinges on the size chart. A proper fit is vital for comfort and stability during your approach to the pins. Remember that sizing may differ across brands, so matching your measurements with the bowling shoe chart is crucial. When referencing the size chart, pay particular attention to your foot’s length and width to find the perfect fit.

Heel-to-toe Length(in inches)Size (USA)(in inches)Narrow Width(B or C)(in inches)Medium Width(D)(in inches)Extra Wide Width(2E or 3E)(in inches)
12  5/1615.004  1/44  5/85

kids bowling shoe sizes

bowling shoes size chart

Selecting appropriate bowling shoes for children is crucial, considering their developing feet. A dedicated size guide for kids’ bowling shoes can have a significant impact, factoring in the dimensions of their feet to ensure a comfortable fit that supports unrestricted movement. Parents can use this guide to determine the correct size effortlessly without resorting to guesswork or trial and error.

Heel to toe Length(in inches)Heel to toe Length(in Cm)Size (USA)
5.1713.16 T
5.3313.66 1/2 T
5.5014.07 T
5.6714.47 1/2 T
5.8314.88 T
6.0015.28 1/2 K
6.1715.79 K
6.3316.19 1/2 K
6.5016.510 K
6.6716.910 1/2 K
6.8317.411 K
7.0017.811 1/2 K
7.1718.212 K
7.3318.612 1/2 K
7.5019.113 K
7.6719.513 1/2 K
7.8319.91 K
8.0020.31 1/2 K
8.1720.72 K
8.3321.22 1/2 K
8.5021.63 K
8.6722.03 1/2 K
8.8322.44 K
9.0022.94 1/2 K
9.1723.35 K
9.3323.75 1/2 K
9.5024.16 K

Why Is It Necessary To Wear Bowling Shoes?

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Bowling shoes are essential for bowlers. They have unique soles for traction and stability. The soles also let you slide when you bowl, so you don’t slip or stick. This helps you bowl smoothly and reduces the risk of foot injuries. The advantage of bowling shoes is important for bowling. As a bowler, having the correct gear is paramount. Every component, from the ball to the shoes, significantly impacts your performance on the bowling lane.

Because they’re built to keep you safer

Bowling shoes are often overlooked as an essential game component but are designed to maximize lane safety and performance. The specialized soles of bowling shoes provide crucial traction and stability, reducing the risk of slipping and potential injury. Additionally, the unique design helps maintain proper form and balance during each approach and release, ultimately contributing to a safer overall bowling experience.

To prevent bringing outdoor dirt and trash inside

Imagine if people could walk on the paths with dirty shoes. This would make the paths messy and disorderly. Allowing dirt and mud to build up could make the trails less slippery. Also, the people cleaning the paths would have to work much harder.

How To Choose Bowling Shoes?

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When selecting the ideal bowling shoes, it’s essential to consider several important factors. The most crucial aspect is ensuring a proper fit, so use the Bowling Shoes Size Chart to find the best size for your feet. Additionally, prioritize comfort, as you’ll be on your feet for extended periods at the bowling alley. Seek shoes with sufficient padding and support to keep your feet comfortable during your game.

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Bowling shoe size chart is important to find the best

The right shoe size is crucial for bowling performance and comfort. The bowling shoes size chart provides valuable information. Each inch of difference impacts balance, sliding technique, and ball control. Consulting the chart ensures a perfect fit for agility and stability.

Classification and how to choose bowling shoes

Bowling shoes are divided into three types:

Shoes with two sliding soles

Bowling shoes have two sliding soles. They give better control and stability on the lanes. Traditional bowling shoes have one sliding sole for both left and right-handed bowlers. But the new shoes are designed for each foot’s needs. This helps you have a balanced stance and even pressure when you bowl.

Shoes with one slip sole and one grip sole

Bowling shoe size is essential for finding a pair with slip and grip soles. Getting the right fit is crucial for comfort and functionality, affecting stability and how smoothly you bowl. 

Replaceable sole and heel

When choosing bowling shoes, think about the replaceable sole and heel. This feature lets you personalize your shoes based on your preferences and playing style. You can switch out the sole and heel to improve your performance on the bowling alley.


To sum up, knowing your bowling shoe size is essential for comfort and better performance. Refer to a bowling shoe size chart to guarantee the right fit, which can help prevent discomfort and injuries. Wearing properly fitted shoes can enhance stability and support, improving your game. Before buying or renting shoes at the alley, take a moment to consult a bowling shoes size chart for an optimal experience and maximum potential on the lanes.


what size bowling shoes should I use?

Finding the right fit for bowling shoes is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable experience at the alley. It’s important to try on different sizes and find a snug fit with a comfortable toe room.

What type of shoes do you need for bowling?

When you go bowling, wear special shoes made for the game. These shoes have a smooth sole on one foot and a textured sole on the other. This helps you slide and stop properly. The boots are essential for keeping your balance and form while bowling, giving you the proper support and grip.

Should bowling shoes be tight or loose?

Bowling shoes should fit snugly to prevent slipping and injury but not too tight to restrict blood flow and cause discomfort. They need to be comfortable for stability and proper foot movement while playing.

Do bowling shoes stretch over time?

Bowling shoes can stretch as you wear them. The materials, like leather or synthetic leather, can become more flexible and mold to your foot’s shape with regular use.

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