Birkenstock Shoe Size Chart: How To Style Birkenstock?

Finding the perfect match can be a daunting challenge, but The Birkenstock Shoe Size Chart is here to lend a helping hand. With its innovative footbed design and high-quality materials, this German brand has revolutionized the shoe industry for over 200 years. Not only do Birkenstock shoes offer unbeatable comfort, but they also boast a stylish flair. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through measuring your feet and using the size chart to ensure your Birkenstocks fit like a dream.

Women’s Birkenstock Shoe Size Chart

When finding the perfect pair of Birkenstock shoes, selecting the proper size is crucial for optimal comfort and style. Understanding the Birkenstock Women’s Shoe Size Chart can guide you in making a well-informed decision. This chart considers length and width measurements, ensuring you find the ideal fit for your feet’s unique contours.

Birkenstock Shoe Size Chart

Birkenstock offers multiple widths for women’s shoes, including narrow (N), regular (R), and broad (W). It allows individuals with different foot shapes and sizes to discover a customized fit that provides unparalleled daily support.

USUKEUMillimeter (Mm)
4 – 4.52.535225.0 mm
5 – 5.53.536230.0 mm
6 – 6.54.537240.0 mm
7 – 7.5538245.0 mm
8 – 8.55.539250.0 mm
9 – 9.5740260.0 mm
10 – 10.57.541265.0 mm
11 – 11.5842270.0 mm
12 – 12.5943280.0 mm

Birkenstock Men’s Shoe Size Chart

Understanding the size chart is essential when finding the perfect fit for your Birkenstock men’s shoes. Birkenstock sizing offers many options to cater to different foot shapes and sizes. Their size chart typically uses European sizing.

Birkenstock Shoe Size Chart

Birkenstock offers multiple width options in addition to length choices. It is particularly beneficial for those with wider or narrower feet who often struggle to find comfortable footwear. So, consult the chart thoroughly and measure length and width accurately before selecting your final size.

USUKEUMillimeter (Mm)
6 – 6.55.539250.0 mm
7 – 7.5740260.0 mm
8 – 8.57.541265.0 mm
9 – 9.5842270.0 mm
10 – 10.5943280.0 mm
11 – 11.59.544285.0 mm
12 – 12.510.545295.0 mm
13 – 13.511.546300.0 mm
14 – 14.51247305.0 mm
15 – 15.51348310.0 mm
16 – 16.51449320.0 mm
17 – 17.514.550325.0 mm

Birkenstock Kids Shoe Size Chart

When it comes to finding the perfect fit for your child’s feet, Birkenstock offers a comprehensive Kids Shoe Size Chart that is both reliable and accommodating. It considers the length of their feet and factors in width, ensuring optimal comfort and support.

birkenstock style chart

Birkenstock offers narrow, regular, and wide widths and various lengths. It means you can find a precise fit that accommodates your child’s unique foot shape and structure. With such a wide range of sizes available, you can trust Birkenstock’s Kids Shoe Size Chart as a reliable resource in guiding you toward the perfect pair of shoes for your little one.

USUKEUMillimeter (Mm)
6 – 6.5724150.0 Mm
7 – 7.5825160.0 Mm
8 – 8.58.526165.0 Mm
9 – 9.5927170.0 Mm
10 – 10.51028180.0 Mm
11 – 11.51129185.0 Mm
12 – 12.511.530190.0 Mm
13 – 13.51331200.0 Mm
1 – 1.513.532205.0 Mm
2 – 2.5133210.0 Mm
3 – 3.5234220.00 Mm

How Should Birkenstock Be Worn?

Birkenstock sandals have become a timeless staple for their comfort and unique style, but many still need to learn how to wear them. 

How Should Birkenstock Be Worn?

Regular Fit

Regarding the regular fit of Birkenstock sandals, there are a few essential things to remember. 

  • Ensure that the sandal fits snugly but not too tightly. It allows for proper support and flexibility as you walk.
  • Birkenstock sandals are known for their contoured footbeds, so ensure your feet properly align with these contours. 
  • Remember to adjust the buckle and straps according to your comfort level.

Narrow Fit

This option is ideal for individuals with slimmer feet or those who prefer a snugger fit. The narrow width provides better arch support and can prevent any potential sliding or rubbing during extended wear. 

It’s important not to mistake narrow for uncomfortable – a properly fitting narrow Birkenstock should still be comfortable on your feet while providing optimal support.


One of the defining features of Birkenstock sandals is their incredible support system. Birkenstock designs its shoes with utmost consideration for long-lasting comfort and health benefits. The contoured footbed molds itself to your unique foot shape over time, aligning your spine correctly and promoting good posture while distributing weight evenly across your footbed. So whether you opt for regular or narrow fit options, rest assured that each step you take is supported by exceptional craftsmanship and ergonomic design principles.

How To Style Birkenstock?

When styling Birkenstock sandals, the key is finding the right balance between comfort and fashion. 

There are countless possibilities. Whether you go feminine and breezy, edgy and casual, or glamorous and chic, these versatile shoes can easily be incorporated into any wardrobe. Stay true to your style, but don’t hesitate to step outside your comfort zone and try new combinations – after all, fashion is all about expressing yourself!

Birkenstock selection criteria

When choosing the perfect Birkenstock, three critical criteria should guide your decision-making: fit, comfort, and design.


The fit is essential as Birkenstocks are known for their customized support. The adjustable straps and various foot-bed options ensure a snug fit for any foot shape or size. 


Comfort is a top priority, as these shoes are for all-day wear. Birkenstocks offer outstanding cushioning and shock absorption with their anatomically designed cork and latex footbeds. It means you can do your daily activities quickly and without sacrificing comfort.

Just like Birkenstock Shoes, Dr Martens Shoes also provide comfort and durability. You can also find Dr Martens Shoe Size Chart here.


While functionality is crucial when selecting a pair of Birkenstocks, design should be noticed, too. These iconic sandals come in various styles to suit every taste and occasion. From classic leather finishes to trendy patterns and metallic accents – there’s something to complement any outfit! 

Tips for Choosing The Right Shoe Size

To ensure comfortable footwear choices, consider these helpful tips for selecting the correct shoe size. 

  • Prioritize extra room when choosing regular shoes to provide optimal foot comfort during wear.
  • Pay attention to how well your heel fits within the shoe’s sole without experiencing any looseness or slipping out of place during movement.
  • Leave some space in the toe area to allow flexibility and stretching while walking or running comfortably.
  • Measure both the length and width of both your left and right feet. Always select a shoe size that accommodates the larger foot for a proper fit.
  • If you find yourself between shoe sizes and need help deciding which one to choose, opting for the larger size is advisable. You can adjust by wearing thicker socks or adding pads to achieve the desired snugness.
  • Foot size tends to increase slightly throughout the day due to various factors such as activity and swelling. Measuring your foot length at the end of the day when it is at its largest will yield more accurate results.


The Birkenstock shoe size chart is essential for finding the perfect fit for your feet. By accurately measuring your foot length and width, you can ensure that you select the right size for optimal comfort and support. Understanding the different styles of Birkenstock shoes can help you choose a pair that suits your style and preferences. So use this shoe size chart as a guide to find your ideal fit, and start enjoying the unmatched comfort and style of Birkenstock shoes today!


Is Birkenstock huge?

Birkenstock is a brand that is known for its comfortable and supportive footwear. Birkenstock does run slightly larger than other shoe brands because its shoes are designed to provide ample room for your feet to move and spread out naturally. Birkenstock offers a range of sizes, including regular and narrow widths, so finding the right fit should be fine. 

Does Birkenstock have half sizes?

Yes, Birkenstock does offer half sizes for their footwear. It is excellent news for individuals with difficulty finding the perfect fit with whole sizes. Half sizes allow for a more tailored and comfortable fit, ensuring your feet are correctly supported and cushioned.

Are Birkenstock comfortable to wear for long distances?

Yes, Birkenstock sandals are generally comfortable to wear for long distances. Birkenstock sandals are made from high-quality materials such as cork and leather, which mold to the shape of your feet over time. This personalized fit further enhances the comfort level and prevents any discomfort or blisters that can occur with ill-fitting footwear.

Is it possible to get Birkenstock wet?

Yes, it is possible to get Birkenstock sandals wet. Birkenstocks are made with natural materials, such as cork and leather, which can be damaged if exposed to excessive water. The sandals are water-resistant and can withstand light splashes or getting caught in the rain. If your Birkenstocks get wet, it is essential to let them air dry naturally.

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