Ugg Boot Size Chart: How To Fit Ugg Boots?

Ugg boots have become a staple in many people’s wardrobes with their cosy sheepskin lining and iconic style. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your old pair or join the Ugg boot craze for the first time, one crucial factor is getting the right fit. After all, there’s nothing worse than slipping into a pair of too-tight or too-loose boots that don’t feel right. That’s where the Ugg Boot Size Chart comes in handy – it acts as your trusty guide to finding the perfect fit and ensuring maximum comfort with every step. 

Women Ugg Boot Size Chart

The Ugg boot size chart is a helpful tool that can assist you in determining the correct fit for your feet. It typically includes measurements for foot length and width and corresponding sizes in US and UK standards.

It’s important to remember that each individual’s feet are unique, and simply relying on the general size chart may only sometimes guarantee a perfect fit. Factors such as foot shape and personal preferences also affect how snug or loose you prefer your boots. 

Ugg Boot Size Chart

Men Ugg Boot Size Chart

Ugg offers a comprehensive size guide tailored specifically for men, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit. Knowing your exact measurements guarantees you can confidently order your desired style online without worrying about returns or exchanges.

The men’s Ugg size chart considers both length and width measurements. This attention to detail ensures that you find the ideal room and arch support fit. So whether you are going for classic short boots or tall lace-up styles, referring to the size chart will guide you on which size will offer the most comfortable experience. 

Ugg Boot Size Chart

Kids Ugg Boot Size Chart

When choosing the perfect pair of Ugg boots for your little one, getting the right size is crucial. Luckily, Ugg provides a handy kids’ boot size chart to ensure a proper fit. It’s important to note that sizing can vary slightly between Ugg styles and models. Therefore, consulting the specific size chart for each boot is necessary.

Ugg Boot Size Chart for kids

How To Fit Ugg Boots?

Ugg boots are known for their cosy and comfortable fit, so it’s crucial to ensure that you get the proper size to provide optimal comfort. To do this, you can start by measuring your feet and referring to a sizing chart from Ugg or various retailers.

Proper Measurement For Pull-On Boots

When fitting Ugg boots, proper measurement is crucial, especially for pull-on styles. Many people need to pay more attention to their regular shoe size, which can lead to an ill-fitting and uncomfortable pair of boots. To ensure a perfect fit, measuring both the length and width of your foot is important.

  • To measure the length, place your foot on a piece of paper and mark the tip of your longest toe and the back of your heel. Measure the distance between these two points with a ruler or measuring tape. 
  • For width, wrap a measuring tape around the widest part of your foot and take note of the measurement. Once you have these measurements, refer to Ugg’s size chart for guidance on selecting the correct size.
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Preparation for Lace-Up Boots Fitting

When it comes to fitting Ugg boots, preparation is key. Before you even attempt to lace up your cosy pair, you should keep a few things in mind. 

  • Make sure your feet are clean and dry to ensure a comfortable fit. It’s also wise to wear the thickest socks you will be wearing with your Ugg boots during the fitting process.
  • Loosen the laces on both boots and open them wide. This will create enough space for your foot to slide in easily. Once your foot is inside, slide it all the way forward until it reaches the toe box of the boot. 
  • Begin tightening the laces from the bottom up, ensuring they are snug but not too tight.
  • Remember proper arch support! Take advantage of this feature if your Ugg boots have optional inserts or removable liners for additional comfort and support.

Tips for Choosing The Perfect Ugg Boot Size

Sizing is everything when finding the perfect pair of Ugg boots. These cosy footwear options can be a versatile addition to anyone’s wardrobe, but getting the right size is crucial for optimal comfort and style. Here are a few tips to consider when selecting your Ugg boot size.

Ugg Boot Size Chart
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Measure Your Foot

When finding the perfect Ugg boot size, the first and most important step is to measure your foot accurately. Many of us make the mistake of assuming our shoe size will be the same across all brands. To ensure a snug and comfortable fit, grab a tape measure and measure your foot’s length and width. Remember that different styles of Ugg boots may have additional sizing requirements, so it’s essential to check the specific measurements provided by the manufacturer.

Choosing Whether to go up a Size

Choosing the perfect Ugg boot size can be tricky, especially since they are known to run slightly large. Many debate whether to go up or stick with their usual shoe size. The first tip is to consider how many socks you plan to wear with your Uggs. Add a dimension for comfort and room if you wear thick, chunky socks during colder months.

Your Ugg Boots will Stretch

Remember that your Ugg boots will stretch over time. This is important because you want to avoid ending up with boots that are too big once they have stretched out. Choosing a size that feels snug but comfortable when you first try them on is recommended.

Take into account any peculiarities about your feet. For example, if you have wider feet or high arches, opt for a larger size or seek out specific models designed for these foot types, as this can greatly influence the fit and comfort of your Ugg boots. 


Finding the right size of Ugg boots is essential for a comfortable fit and long-lasting wear. Measuring your feet accurately and referring to the Ugg boot size chart is important to determine the correct size. Remember that Ugg boots are known for their snug fit initially but will eventually stretch out to conform to the shape of your feet. If you are in between sizes, going with the larger size is recommended for extra comfort.

Following these guidelines and taking proper care of your Ugg boots, you can enjoy cosy and stylish footwear all winter. So don’t delay. Measure your feet today and find the perfect pair of Ugg boots!


Do UGG slides run big or small?

UGG slides tend to run true to size. Some customers have reported that they can run slightly small, especially if you have wider feet or prefer a looser fit. It is always recommended to refer to the brand’s specific size chart and read customer reviews to better understand the sizing before purchasing.

Can you wear UGG slides with socks?

Yes, you can wear UGG slides with socks. Wearing socks with UGG slides can provide comfort and warmth during colder months. Many people prefer wearing socks with their UGG slides to keep their feet cosy and prevent any rubbing or discomfort when wearing them barefoot.

Do UGGs stretch out?

Yes, UGGs stretch out over time. This is because they are made from sheepskin, a natural material with some elasticity. As you wear your UGGs, the sheepskin will loosen and conform to the shape of your feet, resulting in a slightly stretched-out fit. 

Do UGGs fit wide feet?

Yes, UGGs are known for being a comfortable and versatile footwear option for people with wide feet. The brand offers various styles and sizes that cater to different foot widths, including options specifically designed for wide feet. UGG boots are typically made from soft and flexible materials such as sheepskin or suede, which allows them to mould to the shape of the foot over time, providing a more customized fit for individuals with wider feet.

Are UGGs good for walking?

UGGs can be a comfortable option for walking, especially in colder weather. The soft sheepskin lining provides warmth and cushioning, making them cosy to wear for longer periods. It’s important to note that UGGs are not designed as athletic shoes or intended for rigorous physical activity. They lack the support and stability that walking or running shoes typically provide.

Can you get UGGs wet?

Yes, you can get UGGs wet. UGG boots are made from sheepskin, which is naturally water-resistant. It is important to note that they are partially waterproof. If your UGGs get wet, it is recommended to gently blot the excess moisture with a clean towel and allow them to air dry naturally. Avoid using direct heat or sunlight to dry them, as this can damage the sheepskin material.

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