Adidas Shoe Size Chart: Are Adidas Shoes Good Fit?

Are you ever standing in the shoe aisle, unsure what size Adidas shoe to buy? In this article, we will dive into the world of Adidas shoe sizes and explore whether or not their shoes are a good fit for you. With the help of the Adidas Shoe Size Chart, we will unravel the mysteries behind finding your perfect fit. So get ready to lace up your sneakers, and let’s step into this informative journey together!

Men’s Adidas Shoe Size Chart

A well-fitting pair of shoes enhances your performance and reduces the risk of foot discomfort or injury during physical activities. Adidas understands this and provides a comprehensive men’s shoe size chart to help you find the perfect fit. The chart includes US, UK, EU, and Centimeters measurements, allowing you to compare sizes across different regions.

Adidas Shoe Size Chart
55 2/3192013.80
54 2/3181913.50
53 1/3171813.10
52 2/3161712.80
51 1/3151612.50
50 2/314.51512.30
49 1/313.51412.00
48 2/31313.511.80
47 1/31212.511.50
46 2/311.51211.30
45 1/310.51111.00
44 2/31010.510.80
43 1/399.510.50
42 2/38.5910.30
41 1/37.5810.00
40 2/377.59.80
39 1/366.59.50
38 2/35.569.30
37 1/34.559.00
36 2/344.58.80

Women’s Adidas Shoe Size Chart

When shopping for shoes online, getting the right size is essential. Adidas provides a comprehensive women’s shoe size chart that ensures you always find the perfect fit. Their size chart includes measurements in both US and UK sizes, making it easier for international buyers to find their ideal pair.

Adidas Shoe Size Chart

Adidas’ women’s shoe size chart includes foot length measurements in centimeters. By measuring your foot length and referring to the chart, you can confidently order your favorite Adidas kicks without worrying about them being too tight or loose.

55 2/319N/A13.80
54 2/318N/A13.50
53 1/317N/A13.10
52 2/316N/A12.80
51 1/315N/A12.50
50 2/314.5N/A12.30
49 1/313.51512.00
48 2/31314.511.80
47 1/31213.511.50
46 2/311.51311.30
45 1/310.51211.00
44 2/31011.510.80
43 1/3910.510.50
42 2/38.51010.30
41 1/37.59.0010.00
40 2/378.509.80
39 1/367.509.50
38 2/
37 1/
36 2/345.508.80

Adidas Teenage Shoe Size Chart

Adidas is a renowned brand with a wide range of shoes designed for every age group, including teenagers. Finding the perfect fit can be tricky, as the feet of teenagers are still growing and changing. It is where the Adidas Teenage Shoe Size Chart comes to the rescue.

Adidas Shoe Size Chart

The size chart provides an easy way to determine your teenager’s shoe size. It includes US and UK sizes, allowing you to convert measurements effortlessly. Its accurate conversions and vital information on the width and arch types ensure that teenagers get hold of footwear explicitly tailored to their needs.

40 2/377.509.80
39 1/366.509.50
38 2/
37 1/
36 2/344.508.80

Adidas Kids Shoe Size Chart

When buying shoes for your kids, getting the right size is crucial. Adidas offers a comprehensive Kids Shoe Size Chart that makes finding the perfect fit a breeze. The chart includes sizes ranging from infants to juniors, ensuring you can find the right size for children of all ages.

Adidas Kids Shoe Size Chart

Whether your child is just starting to walk or has already reached their teenage years, Adidas has covered them with its wide range of sizes and accurate shoe size chart. Using this handy tool and considering both foot length and width measurements, you can ensure your little one’s footwear fits perfectly every time they hit the ground running – or crawl!


How to Measure Your Feet for Adidas Shoe Size?

Accurate foot measurements are essential when finding the perfect fit for your Adidas shoes. Measuring your feet may seem straightforward, but a few critical factors must be considered. Taking these steps will help ensure that you choose the right-size Adidas shoes.

Step 1: Measure your foot size

Start by placing a blank piece of paper on the floor and standing on it with your heel against a wall. Use a pencil to mark the longest part of your foot, known as the tip of your big toe. Measure the distance between this mark and the edge of the paper using a ruler or tape measure. Repeat this process for both feet, as they may vary in size.

Step 2: Get Your Shoe Size

Once you have measured your feet, compare the measurements with Adidas’ shoe size chart to determine which size will fit you best. It’s important to note that there may be minor variations in sizing across different footwear brands, so relying solely on your usual shoe size could lead to undesirable results. If you are between sizes or if one foot is slightly larger than the other, opt for the larger size for optimal comfort.

Step 3: Ensure that your shoes fit properly

A perfectly fitting shoe is about length, width, and overall comfort. After determining your Adidas shoe size, try them on while wearing socks similar to those you intend to wear with the shoes regularly. Take note of any areas that feel tight or loose, and ensure there is enough room for movement within the shoe while keeping your heels snugly in place without slipping out.

Are Adidas Shoes Good?

Adidas shoes are undoubtedly good due to their commitment to quality, innovation, sizing convenience through size conversion charts, and efforts toward sustainable production practices.

Are Adidas Shoes Good?

Quality and Innovation

Adidas shoes have been popular among athletes, fashion enthusiasts, and sneakerheads. The main reason for their popularity is the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. Adidas invests heavily in research and development to create high-performance footwear that meets the diverse needs of different sports activities.

Sizing Convenience

The brand recognizes that getting the perfect fit is crucial for comfort and performance in everyday wear. Adidas provides a comprehensive size conversion chart on its website to ensure customers find their correct size easily. It allows consumers to make an informed decision about which shoe size will be best for them.


Adidas focuses on sustainability. The company has made significant strides in recent years toward reducing its environmental impact by incorporating recycled materials into its manufacturing processes.

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The Adidas shoe size chart is a valuable tool that can help ensure a good fit for your Adidas shoes. By following the guidelines and measuring your feet accurately, you can feel confident in selecting the correct size. Each foot shape and personal preference may vary, so trying on different sizes or consulting with a footwear specialist may be necessary for some individuals.

Finding the perfect fit will enhance comfort and support optimal performance during physical activities. So, take advantage of the Adidas size chart and find your perfect fit today!


Are Adidas true to size?

Yes, Adidas shoes are generally true to size. However, sizing can vary slightly between different shoe models and styles. It is recommended to refer to the specific size guide provided by Adidas for each shoe you are interested in purchasing. It will help ensure a more accurate fit and prevent discomfort or sizing issues. 

Are Adidas shoe sizes the same as Nike?

No, Adidas and Nike shoe sizes are not the same. While both brands use the same numerical sizing system, there can be variations in the actual fit and sizing between the two. Each brand may have its unique fit and design, resulting in differences in how their shoes feel on your feet. Consult size charts provided by the manufacturer to understand better how their shoes typically fit.

Is Adidas bigger than Nike?

Adidas and Nike are significant sportswear players, but Nike currently holds a larger market share and higher brand value than Adidas. Also, in terms of revenue, Nike is presently larger than Adidas.

Are Adidas good for wide feet?

Yes, Adidas is a brand that offers a variety of shoe options for people with wide feet. Adidas has specific models and collections that cater to wider feet, offering more room in the toe box and a broader overall fit. Many people with wide feet have found success and comfort in Adidas shoes designed specifically for their needs.

Do Vans and Adidas fit the same?

Vans and Adidas are both popular shoe brands, but they do not fit the same. Each brand has its unique sizing and fit characteristics. Vans shoes are more relaxed and roomy, while Adidas shoes typically have a snugger and a narrow fit.

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